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Fusion360 Tutorial – How to design a Lightsaber pencil top

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This design is inspired by Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber and modelled in Autodesk Fusion360.

Lightsaber Image
Printed design

“Use a reference image whenever possible”

It is often a good idea to get a reference image to help with the design. In this case I found a nice image on google that shows the main features I like to add to the Pencil Top design.

Anakin Lightsaber reference image from google search

A good way to easily get the rough shape of the Lightsaber is to start a new Sketch, draw one half of the Lightsaber and then use the Revolve Tool to transform the sketch into a cylindrical object.

Sketch to revolve around mid axis

The Line and Polygon Tool

So using the Line Tool I followed the upper contour of the Lightsaber and then used the Revolve Tool. The mid line is used as the Axis to revolve the sketch around.

Fusion360 Revolve tool

Next I added a new sketch at the top face of the Lightsaber in order to cut out for the hexagon shape for the pencil to fit in. A google search teaches me that the common outer diameter for a pencil is 7mm. In order to give some room for the pencil to fit in I made the diameter 1mm wider.

  1. Add a new sketch at the top of the Lightsaber
  2. Under the Create tools select Polygon
  3. Under Polygon select Circumscribed Polygon
  4. Start the sketch at the centre point and make the radius 3.55mm wide.
Sketch for the pencil cut out

The Extrude and Split Body Tool

Next I used the Extrude tool to cut out the hexagon shape. I used a cut width of 13mm.

Fusion 360 Extrude tool to cut

Now the tip of the Anakin’s Lightsaber is angled. There is luckily a very easy way in Fusion360 to Split Body. All that is needed is to add another sketch to the side of the body and then simply use the Split Body tool under the Modify Toolbar.

  1. Add another sketch to the side of the lightsaber
  2. Draw a line at an angle of the lightsaber top
  3. Finish the sketch and select Split Body under the Modify Toolbar
  4. First select the body and then the line as splitting tool
Fusion 360 Split Body tool

The Circular Pattern Tool

The final part I like to show is how to add the pattern at the end of the lightsaber. I first added another sketch at the end of the lightsaber and drew a rectangle. It is important that it overlaps a bit with the lightsaber and that when you Extrude you the sketch you select new part instead of join.

Now that we have the extruded body all that is left to do is to select in and go to the Create toolbar and select Circular Pattern.

Fusion 360 Circular Pattern


I hope this tutorial was helpful and a starting point for your own designs. I did some more changes and the final design looks like this.

Final design of my Lightsaber Pencil Top

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