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Fusion360 Tutorial – How to design a Bitcoin

In this post I will show how to use the text along path functionality in Fusion360 by designing a Bitcoin Coin.

Bitcoin Coin designed in Fusion360

Reference Image

The first thing I usually like to do when designing is to get a few reference images or logo’s as reference. I found a free Bitcoin SVG file on from Dave Gandy that I will use in this tutorial.

Bitcoin SVG on

Text to Curve

There is a nice functionality in Fusion360 where you can assign a text to a selected curve. In the Bitcoin Coin design it would be nice to add the words Bitcoin, Decentralised and Digital Currency to the coin.

  1. Create a new sketch
  2. Add two circles, a larger and a smaller one
  3. Under the Create Toolbar select Text
  4. Select Text to Path and then the smaller circle
  5. Type the text you like
Fusion360 Text to Path

Now you can Finish the sketch and extrude the the circle and afterwards the text a few mm larger.

Fusion360 Extrude

Insert SVG to a Sketch

The next step is to add the Bitcoin SVG from Dave Gandy which we downloaded earlier from

  1. Add a new sketch on the Bitcoin Coin surface
  2. Under the Insert Toolbar select Insert SVG
  3. Go to Insert from Computer and pick the Bitcoin.svg file
  4. Place / resize the image on the Coin
Fusion 360 add SVG to sketch

Final touches

Now you can add some more details like e.g. rounded corners or anything else you think would improve the design. I hope you learned something from this tutorial and if you plan to design a cryptocurrency coin as well then I would love to see it.

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